Making Memories – Portraits of Dion Wiyoko

December 24, 2015



















Holiday cards have been the tradition of some. Usually used during the Christmas season, they offer a more personalized greeting card because of the sender’s photo instead of the store-bought designs. It is also interesting for the people having their photos taken to see how far they have come as they look back on the photos every year.

We love holiday photos. Not only because it’s usually taken near our favorite time of the year. Christmas is always so festive here at The Leonardi and thus making it that much more exciting to provide a joyous experience for our clients. One of the holiday portraits that we have had the privilege to make recently was that of Dion Wiyoko, a young Indonesian actor and model.

Dion was born in Surabaya, East Java in 1985. He started his career as a model in magazines such as Aneka, Yess, and Femina. He began acting in soap operas, but moved on to films in 2009 as well as being in video clips for D’Cinnamons and GIGI among others. He has since starred in 17 movies including Perahu Kertas (2012) and Love and Faith (2015). Needless to say what a successful young man he is, but one who is friendly and easy-going.

In some of the photos we wanted to capture the suave side of Dion with the gray background, but still keeping in line with the Christmas atmosphere, while other photos are more cheerful and bright. Dion mentioned what such fun he had while shooting with us. We were very happy to hear this, but satisfied at the same time because what Dion was feeling was translated in his photos. Like we mentioned earlier, we do not just take photos, but also provide unique experience. We hope that one day, he can look back on these photos and see just how far he’s come since then.

As the holiday season approaches, we would also like to take this opportunity to wish you a happy holidays. May your celebrations be merry and bright and the new year be filled with many more happy moments.

From all of us at The Leonardi.

Portrait by: Alexis – The Leonardi
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