Sweet & Christmassy – Portraits of Chef Kim Pangestu & Recipe of Chocolate Buche du Noel

December 22, 2015


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When I was in university, I wasn’t interested in reading textbooks and coming to class, instead I bought a lot of baking books and ate a lot of cakes. I decided to move to pastry school and set my heart on being a chef. I chose pastry as my specialty because I love to see the outcome from baking. From eggs, butter, flour, and other ingredients, when you mix and bake them, it becomes something amazing that makes people happy.

I remember watching my Mom, the good baker that she is, when I was little. I often watch her baking since I was young. I was amazed when the cake came out from the oven. It tasted so good, so warm, and made me happy just by eating it.

I joined Nomz since the opening in December 2014. I love the team energy at Nomz, all of them work very hard and they let us, the chefs, to create whatever we want to make. Especially during the Christmas season, we have more reasons to be creative as this holiday is synonymous with sweets, cakes, and cookies. This led to my own creation of Chocolate Buche de Noel.

This Christmas cake is chocolate roll cake with chocolate Chantilly. The great thing about the cake is you can decorate it however you like. Actually that is the beauty about pastry: the sky is the limit. There is so much room to be innovative in what kind of cakes or bread or cookies you can make, but it doesn’t just stop there because of the decorating part.

Every cake, cookie, or bread at Nomz is made with love (that is the secret to our tasty treats). We hope to inspire and spread love and joy this holiday season by the delicious baked goods we have made. And maybe you’d take a crack at discovering the joy of baking for youself. Let me share with you the recipe for the Chocolate Buche de Noel just in case you’re tickled to try baking something Christmassy.

“Chocolate Buche du Noel” :

Chocolate Roll Cake:
– 400 gr Egg Whole
– 300 gr Sugar
– 50 gr Soft Flour
– 25 gr Soft Powder
– 33 gr Butter Melted

– Mix egg whole and sugar in the mixer until it reach ribbon stage.
– Sieve cocoa powder and soft flour into a bowl and fold in melted butter.
– Bake at 30cm by 40cm ring mould, bake for 15 mins at 160 degree.

Chocolate Chantilly:
– 225 gr Milk Chocolate
– 525 gr Cream
– 1 gr Gelatine
– 5 gr Water

– Mix cream and chocolate in the pot. Mix until boiled.
– Soaked gelatine in the water and add to the cream mixture.
– Cool in the fridge for one whole night.
– When about to use, whisk the milk chocolate Chantilly until soft peak.
– Take 300g of milk chocolate Chantilly and spread it on top of the sponge.
– Roll the cake and let it freeze.
– once it frozen covered with more Chantilly on the outer part of the roll cake
– cut and decorate the cake.

Kim Pangestu

Portrait by: Luke – The Leonardi
Make Up: Natalia & Yustina Mery
Thanks to: Nomz Kitchen & Pastry at Grand Indonesia, East Mall lantai GF 06-07, Chef Kim Pangestu.
Location: The Leonardi Studio & Art Gallery.

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