My Forever Mate (Constantine + Jennifer)

July 2, 2013

Have you ever wondered if one of your mate become your friend forever? You might remember when you first met him or her, then you knew each other, and finally become your close friend. And you’re also teasing him or her sometimes. If we remember these things it’s kinda funny and sounds crazy when he finally said would you be my “baby”? 😉

It might be happened with Constantine & Jennifer. They’ve been friends for a long time until decided to have relationship for an eight years. Wow! Such a long time. And that’s what makes them to know and love each other.

They also have a pleasant personality. Constantine is a good looking guy, sociable, friendly, humorous,and a bit cool. His friends often call him as a Tom Cruise, because he was one of Tom Cruise’s fans. And Jennifer, a beautiful and fascinate girl, she’s also friendly and loveable. No wonder Constantine just felt in love with her.

While in Los Angeles and Las Vegas, we really enjoyed the moments of their photo shoot. The weather and the location are just perfectly with them. Not only are they entertaining, it is always such a joy to watch the laughter as a result of all that is said.

Constantine & Jennifer tied the knot at Bali, the wonderful place with warm sunshine, soothing sea breeze, and the blue ocean as the backdrop of the moment you speak your life long vows. Nothing can be more romantic than that. We had a great time capturing the intimate union of Constantine and Jennifer. Their love story will be one we remember for a long time. Enjoy their photos and see their love chemistry! Congratulations once again to Constantine and Jennifer! Wishing you happily ever after.

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