Stories About Love

July 4, 2013

Weddings …
Emotions, Happiness, Romance, Holy, Fun, Party, Colaborations, Beauty, Art …
And we believe there are thousand more words to describes the feelings on that day

Being witness of the magical moments on the Wedding Day is truly a blessful feelings.
It is an obligation not too getting carried away and melted by touchy moments, because we have to pull the trigger and shoot the moments to memorize them in the cameras. Even before it was happening, we have to fully assure that all the equipments are there and ready. Yet the mental and physical conditions, to be able to capture the stories all together for a day long process are something that wisely need to be prepared of.

We love our jobs. Especially when the couples are very expressives!
They honestly outbursting whatever feelings they have inside and easily manifest them on their face-expressions and gestures! That is the magical moments for us. When we capture this moment, just by seeing their expressions, it tells hundread stories. Stories that everlasting, stories that will not fade through generations, STORIES ABOUT LOVE.

We, theLeonardi and this is our journey, on the internet page basis, try to share with you what we have built, what we call passion, what we call home.

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