Walk With You (Yudistira+Lisa)

July 2, 2013


Howdy world,

Love is a sacred, unique, and full of flavors. One thing for sure, every couple has their own unique story to tell us. A story full of faith, love and trust.This story also capture our heart and soul-arouse.

Yudistira and Lisa began their story by becoming a mutual friends. 2 years after being friends, they couldn’t hold any longer because the feelings and chemistry they were having was getting strong and stronger. Yudistira took the courage to finally propose Lisa. Lisa accepted the proposal because her feelings is mutual. And they decided to go through special relationship until they decided to live together in a marriage.

We love everything about this session!! The sceneries, amazing lighting, great architectural buildings, the ambience of Los Angeles in United States, and a very romantic couple. We definitely enjoy it!

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