Love and Heritage – Felia + Isfan

September 19, 2013

Indonesia has so many custom, tradition and cultures that enrich their people how to adapt and live peacefully among others, and this is one of our heritage that we should be proud of. But doesn’t matter where you from, which tradition you have and believe, there’s always one beautiful silver-lining that can magically unify the differences. Yes, that is true, LOVE is!

It was an honor and pleasant feelings to be a part of the beautiful reception of Isfan & Felia’s wedding. We started long before the wedding itself, to made some footage about their pre-wedding video, and it was beautiful. They love it and we love them more for giving us, the Leonardi team an achievement. Isfan and his hobbies and habit match Felia’s hobbies in some ways and it’s complete the relationship, that’s why they were willing to save it in the holy marriage.

Since Felia’s from Aceh, the theme of the wedding was pretty much using Aceh tradition but it was wrapped in modern and minimalist concept. See how beautiful their dresses and suit, the decoration, and the lighting were at the Four Season Hotel Jakarta, see how touchy the photos are when they were doing the ‘sungkeman’, see how relief their smile were when officially announced as husband and wife, it shows in Felia’s and Isfan’s beautiful smiles.

Thank you for the trust in us and wish you have beautiful journey forever more.

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