It’s Love – Reinaldo + Yunita

October 4, 2013

When you’ve been committed to take the journey with someone, there’s always funny things in my head flies and remember about how we started. Love is blind, somehow this statement is true but very hard to explain. I remember when he sings to me every morning, texts me love poetries, extremely said that my cooking is the best one, and always support my dreams.

And like me also thinking about every jokes are funny, every songs are good to listen, and every love movies are romantic. That’s love!

But after all, just like an ordinary love story, there is bad and good moment that we have been through. We fought, we miss understood, felt disappointed, and disagree about little things. But through every mad and every tears, we’ve realized that it was make our love be stronger.

When you found a true love, there’s a thousand reasons to say that I love you more day by day. And this time, we give you the pictures of how Reinaldo loves Yunita until they decided to tie the knot. See their happiness and joyous are spread during the wedding day. Congratulations once again to Reinaldo & Yunita.

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