For The Love of Family – Family Portraits of Chef Adhika Maxi

August 21, 2015








For the love of Family

Family Portraits of Celebrity Chefs Andhika Maxi and Karen Carlota

Even the busiest of people needs to be with the people they love. No matter how tired they are, to spend some time cuddling their children will always fill their hearts and sooth their tired bodies. We believe that children are magical that way. They inspire their parents to become better people. They encourage them to walk the extra miles every day. And no matter what they do, they will always be their parents’ pride and joy.

It was such a privilege for The Leonardi to capture the bond between the family of celebrity chef and pastry chef extraordinaire of Union Jakarta, Andhika Maxi and Karen Carlotta. Not only do they make such popular dishes that taste as great as they look, they made such beautiful boys too! Three of them, to be exact. We look at them and we think about how amazing it is that something as magical as this family of five started out with only two people who love each other.

This album was originally published in Dewi Magazine. We hope to have inspired you.

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