Eternal Love – Chris & Christilia

May 14, 2014


Chris-Christilia_02 Chris-Christilia_03 Chris-Christilia_04 Chris-Christilia_05 Chris-Christilia_06 Chris-Christilia_07 Chris-Christilia_08 Chris-Christilia_10 Chris-Christilia_11Chris-Christilia_12a

The first time we spoke
my ears heard a song
The first time we met
my eyes sang along

The first movie I spent
cuddled in your arms
in the background I heard
the whispering of charms

The first time you said
I love you to me
The sounds of my heart
could have parted the sea

All the first in the past
and the first still ahead
All the laughter and fun
and tears that we’ve shed

I love you forever
from this moment on
My love will be written
in a poem or a song

Photographer: Indra Leonardi – The Leonardi
Poem by : Tiffany Klein

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