A Wonderful Barcelona, Spain

May 7, 2014


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Have you ever been to a city where you haven’t had high expectations, only to arrive there to be completely blown away? That’s what it was like for us in Barcelona.

Barcelona was our pre-wedding destination in this year.  I need to say that this city is an understatement.  And for sure, Barcelona is one of the city that you want to go.

The stunning architecture is what blew us away. It was the combination of modernism, gothic and renaissance that impressed me, it worked so well together, complementing each other. As we walked around the streets, which by the way is the best way to see Barcelona, we actually got a star truck from continually looking up and around at all the ‘eye candy’ (of the brick and mortar kind, not the two legged kind!).

As the oldest part of the city, it is full of history and culture.  The architecture is not the only thing to visit Barcelona for (although worth visiting just for that in itself).  The food is to die for!  And every restaurant we ate at served the most delicious cuisine!

There is so much to do in this beautiful city. Great architecture, great food, great shops, great people watching, gorgeous narrow streets… Picture perfect!

Enjoy the images of the city, we will share to you later the pre-wedding pictures after this. 🙂

Photographer: Armand – The Leonardi