Best Day of My Life – Mario + Grace Wedding Day

November 16, 2013



This morning I woke up and realized that today was a different day. The day that I had been waiting for all of my life and seemed that every kind of feelings were appears. The Happiness, excitement, joyous yet nervous, and fear were melted into one feeling. The day that I had been waiting for using a long beautiful wedding dress with a perfect make up on my face as if my dreams come true.

I saw to the window and I can see my friends outside my house were waiting and picking me up to go to the church.  When I came to the church, I looked a ribbon bell ringing in above. I started to walk and stare at my closest family and colleagues and I looked forward to an altar there was a man standing right there waiting for my presence. Waiting to speak the vow to build a new life together and forever.

I was wondering, is this real? I felt happy yet exciting to start a new page in my life, build a household ark and imagine how to be a mother of my children, and raise them up to be an adult.

And when the night came, the strains of the song brought me and my husband to the ballroom that all the guests were looking at us. I was stepping my heels dancing with my white wedding gown and staring in front me a guy, the man who will be my companion forever until I become a grandmother.  Feeling that today, he has proven as someone who will take care of me, comfort me, and build a future together.

One thing I realized, today was the best time and the best day of my life.

Photographer: Luke and team – The Leonardi
Videography by: The Leonardi

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