A perfect day in Moscow

November 20, 2013



Russian writer, Leo Tolstoy once wrote, “stop a moment, cease your work, look around you.”

It is no wonder that Tolstoy urges people to stop and take a good look at the world around them, especially in such a beautiful country like Russia. A month ago, we got the whimsical opportunity to visit magical Russia’s capital city, Moscow. Moscow is one of the most beautiful cities in the world, its majestic, intricate shaped buildings are reminiscent of those in fairytales.

Though we had to shoot in the cold (Russia is known for its near-zero chilly weather), we have never felt more warm in our hearts. The city’s urban but dreamy atmosphere sets the mood for love, a perfect destination for a wedding photo shoot.

Thus, we cannot be anymore excited to share with you all little snapshots of our trip to Moscow! No matter where you are right now, we hope that these pictures will sweep you away and take you to the very heart of the awe-spiring Moscow!

Photographer: Alex and Armand – The Leonardi

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