Wedding Traditions – The Wedding of Yana & Ari

September 23, 2015


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We told you before that one day, on this blog, we will have to share with you the beauty of a traditional Indonesian wedding, so that its beauty may capture you too. We decided that today will be that day.

A lot of times, couple nowadays have to struggle with making the decision of whether to have a modern wedding or to keep it traditional. Some might choose to go with a modern, Western-influenced wedding for simplicity while others might choose a traditional wedding so that they can honour their race and to uphold traditions as a part of their family heritage.

For beautiful couple Ari and Yana, this wasn’t that big of a deal as even though the two of them are quite different in characters, they share the same principals when it comes to tradition in family and culture, which was why it was obvious for both of them to have a really traditional wedding ceremony, or more commonly known as, pernikahan adat. They have seen and experienced such wedding traditions since their childhood, so naturally they envisioned theirs to be similar as well.

Yana is a super cheerful, friendly, bubbly girl who always tries to live life to the fullest by going out of her way to try new experiences but at the same time a really patient and kindhearted person. Ari, on the other hand is a shy, quiet chap but what people rarely know is that he has a good sense of humour and always in for a good laugh. Ari is always doing things out of the box, always exercising his creativity to the fullest in his daily life and at work. The two of them share their love of reading together. They love spending time together and enjoy each other’s company with the books they so dearly love.

To decide to have a traditional wedding will have an impact on the couples’ venue, decorations, costumes, colours and of course food and activities. Traditional weddings usually take place at different venues and will usually take a longer process as it involves a few stages, right from when the couple have stated and announced their intentions, to when they officially sign their documents and are married in the eyes of the law, right down to the post-marriage reception and so-called ‘party’ for close friends and family members.

As you can see here, Ari and Yana had a very elaborate, lavish traditional wedding, done in the most beautiful and complete settings with their loved ones all around. Which kind of wedding would you prefer to have or already had?

Photographer by: Alex, Luke & The Leonardi Team
Decor Siraman & Pengajian by: Airy Design & Ibu Rap
Decor Resepsi: Suryanto Decor, Ibu Rap, & Dekor Rumah Solo
Dress Siraman & Bainai: Reshna
Dress Pengajian: Rama Dauhan
Dress Akad & Resepsi: Reshna
Make Up: Jay & Ibu Tari
MC: Ibu Oetari & Ibu Indra Bambang
Sound System & Lighting: KISS
Souvenir & Undangan: Parfait Press
WO: Anastasia Project

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