We Love Romantic City, Paris

May 28, 2014




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Paris, the city that takes too many lifetimes to see. This year, we came back again to this romantic city. And every time we visited to Paris, there was always something we interested. This city brought us to explore every corner in Paris. And it made us to find another places for doing a photo shoot.

France is famous for a lot of things, and it happens to be one of my favorite countries in the world. It is beautiful, has a great food, history and magnificent architecture. And it is such a good mood booster to do the photo shoot.

You might know that so many wonderful castles, cafés, museums, and architecture buildings were built in this city. The weather was also great, it was charm no matter the season, everything looked better under a sunny sky.

One place that blew our mind was Mont Saint Michel. That was a small tidal island located just off the coast of Normandy. We drove for almost one day but everything was pay off. The panorama and the landscape were beautiful. This place surrounded by the winding streets and convoluted architecture of the medieval town.

Later, we will share to you the results of photo shoot. Keep reading our blog 🙂

Photography by: Armand – The Leonardi

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