Together & Friendship – Gathering of The Leonardi

July 11, 2014


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A few weeks ago, we held our Gathering event in The Leonardi Studio & Art Gallery. It was a good opportunity for us to invite our vendor’s friends. We actually had been waiting for this time to gather with the vendors. But, we prepared more the best for our vendor’s friends, and finally on June 11th we held this event.

The dress code was set up that every guest need to use Smart & Casual suit. We could see that everyone looked very gorgeous and wonderful. All vendors from Wedding Organizer, Decorator, Lighting Equipments, Interior Designer and Fashion Designer came to our gathering. Besides of Gathering, the purpose of the event was to introduce our new Studio & Art Gallery that is located in Kemang Barat. The Studio itself were result of the ideas, work hard, art, dedication and our mission to provide the best for our clients.

It was such a great reunion from all vendors, we felt so happy because they spent their time to come to our gathering. Mr Indra Leonardi on his speech said that he hopes from this gathering, we can keep maintain our relationship not only in working field but also as a friend. He also welcome to all vendors if they want to come to our Studio.

The atmosphere of the gathering more fun when our famous MC, Mr. Daddo Parus led the event. He was smart to breaking the ice so the guest could be easily communicate with others. The climax of the event, when we did some games and everyone tried to answer the question. It was really fun, enjoy, and we felt like everyone is our family.  Thank you Mr. Daddo Parus.

We closed the event with a dinner. We could see that every guest enjoyed the food and the nuances. We were very pleased that the Gathetring went well. We realized there are so many supports from our friends, vendors, and clients to make The Leonardi keep trying to always give the best. Once again, thank you for those who came to our Gathering. 🙂

Photographer: Alex and team – The Leonardi
Videography by: The Leonardi

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    kekeluargaan banget… sweet!!

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