Reminiscing – Indonesian Portrait Exhibition

March 8, 2017


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On March 24, 2007, Indonesian photographer, Indra Leonardi, launched an exhibition in conjunction with his first book titled Indonesian Portraits at National Gallery of Indonesia. The exhibition presented 183 notable Indonesian public figures including former presidents, politicians, artists, and national sport legends.

Indra Leonardis phenomenal works display his personal connection and empathy with the subjects. With such a high level of artistry, it is undeniable that he is one of the nations finest photographers. This fifteen years long project is a retrospective of Leonardis visual journey as an artist. His portraits reflect the faces of Indonesia during a specific historical period.

The exhibition was a remarkable moment for The Leonardi team. We have successfully gathered more than 100 personalities to work on this event including curators, publisher, and the book designer.

These documentary photos were taken during the event to immortalize the ambience at the exhibition. We have been through countless meetings, brainstorming sessions and so many discussions to create this event. Through these photos, we hope that arts and cultures will receive more attention and appreciation in Indonesia.

Photo Documentation : The Leonardi
Writer: Bella
Location: Galeri Nasional, Jakarta

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