Sweet Couple – Isa & Angelina

September 4, 2013

There is something so wonderfully romantic about every wedding. When we see every couple in their special day. Often we also brought to their romantic story. Most wanted their wedding to reflect their personalities.

Isa & Angelina is a sweet couple with an enormous heart. Not just for each other, but for everyone around them. They were a sweet, kind and good looking couple from the start. They hold a high respect value towards each other, as well as to their parents, which we admire a lot. And not only Isa & Angelina, but their both family are kind, sweet, and also a humor family. What a privilege for us to shoot their wedding day.

We were really happy can be a part of their special day. The wedding day was so much love and happiness there. There were so many happy tears from friends and family. One word that we can say thank you, Isa & Angelina for being such a sweet and lovely couple. We wish you a lifetime of happiness in your married life.

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