Sophie Authentique La Boulangerie – Kemang

November 6, 2014

Last week we just did a photo shoot for a beautiful and cute French bakery in Kemang, named Sophie Authentique La Boulangerie. For those of you who like to hang out in a café or bakery shop, you should try Sophie Authentique Bakery, in Jl. Kemang Selatan 1 No. 20, Jakarta Selatan.


Sophie Authentique opened in August 2013 with its first store in South Kemang. The concept itself is inspired by a French Bakery. The name itself comes from the creator herself “Sophie”, while “Authentique” derived from the French language that means the same as English, Authentic or original.
02 03 05 Let us introduce the creator of this bakery shop. Sophie is a French, who have been living in Jakarta since 1998. She used to be a teacher a couple years ago, and she also used to own a preschchool for French people who stay in Jakarta. She states that she opened this bakery because she could not find any French bakery in Jakarta that has the original recipe of French Breads, Cakes and Cookies. Sophie took the most french famous dishes that she can’t find in Jakarta. Sophie told us that  she have never learned to Bakery School, but she knows well on how to bake a bread and cookies. When she was very young, she already learned to cook and bake bread. Then, she transfered all her cooking skill to her children. Nowdays her children already know how to cook and bake. Sophie also told us that In France, when they learn how to swim and learn how to ride a bicycle, they also learn how to cook. It is part of their culture. Since five or six years old, they start learning in the kitchen on how to cook. Life in France is very expensive, so they need to learn on how to do everything by themselves, including cooking and baking.06 07 08 27 09 10When we entered the Bakery, we would feel like being in Paris. It feels hommy, comfortable, and warm. The interior is mostly decorated with bright blue and white. Sophie mentioned that she likes the sun and open space. Sophie will open two more shops before Christmas, one in Cipete and the other one in Cikajang.In addition to the Indonesian people who come to the Bakery, Sophie Authentique is also much visited by expatriates in Jakarta. What makes a difference in this bakery apart from the delicious food and tasty cafe, Sophie and Eddie (Sophie’s husband) also always been at the bakery at any time. They always greet visitors and chat with them about their news and everyday life. The other thing, many employees in Sophie Authentique also speak French.All the food made in Sophie Authentique are handmade and come from the original recipe Sophie and her family. No wonder all the food are delicous and very French. There are some menus that you have to try on, among others, such as, Raspberry Coconut Pie, Swiss Chocolate and Croque Madame. And to drink, Capuccino and Mix Juice is also a favorite in Sophie Authentique. Sophie said that the most favorite one is Canele, which always sold around 600 pieces every week.11 12 13 14 15Sophie Authentique just a soft opening at the second store in Jalan Kemang I, Splash in October last. The Sophie Authentique will open several more branches in Jakarta and Singapore also Malaysia in a few years to come.16 17 18 21 19 20We also doing a photo shot  of a beautiful couple Titof & Patricia, who just got engaged recently with their upcoming wedding in Bali 2015. Titof & Patirica are sweet, adorable and charming. We love them!!!!24 22 26 28

Photo by: Luke – The Leonardi
Venue: Sophie Authentique La Boulangerie, Kemang
Make up: Jerry Michael & Kuang
Patricia outfit: POTTS

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