Romance of Love – Prewedding Fernando & Irene

November 7, 2013

Have you ever seen in the movie, a lovely couple walk along together in the beautiful city, having a good conversation, drinking a cup of coffee and thinking about how they met for the first time or would be in a future?

And this romantic story begins, a month ago we capture beautiful couple, Fernando & Irene in Eidenburgh. The breathtaking surrounding brings out the natural beauty of the city. The city was full of great architecture, a historical building, and an incredible landscape. And all of the beauty of the city will sum up their romance of love.

When we went through a magnificent building, we felt like we were doing shooting a prince and princess in disguise. Fernando with his dashing tuxedo and Irene with her fascinating dress were dancing in the middle of the city, laughing and staring each other as if all the Eidenburgh witnessing their romance of love. Romantic souls who find pleasure in music, poetry, and historical heritage will find that Eidenburgh brings out their warm personalities.

This picture is a reflection of their real love. Hope you guys enjoy their photos 🙂

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