Project Runway – Rinaldy A. Yunardi

January 2, 2014







Nearly two decades of experience in jewellery design has placed Rinaldy A. Yunardi in high regards in the indonesian beau monde.

When he was working in his brother’s electrical company, Rinaldy fashioned a simple bridal tiara out of leftover materials. What started off as an innocuous invention during a lunch break gave him the encouragement to experiment with more intricate designs and materials. He contacted Indonesian designers Didi Budiardjo and Sebastian Gunawan about his craftsmanship, and they welcomed his designs with open arms. Around 17 years later, Rinaldy is a celebrated jewellery designer with an impressive clientele ranging from socialites to celebrities. The term “unique”—despite being so often tossed around that it has lost its meaning—accurately pertains to Rinaldy’s designs. In his line, Rinaldy A. Yunardi, he refuses to make more than one item for each design. This unprecedented exclusivity renders his designs to be literally “one-of-a-kind”, which is why his accessories are sought after by fashion connoisseurs who desire to make bold statements. Sometimes he even limits the materials he uses—from acrylic, feathers, semi-precious stone, to Swarovski—to only a handful of accessories.

Now, his penchant for exclusivity has brought him to the footsteps of Indonesia Tatler where he has collaborated with renowned Indonesian designers to create a splendid array of meticulously crafted looks. The Medan-born designer painstakingly composed the bracelets, necklaces, and headpieces, one of which sits atop the head of his muse, Fitria Yusuf. The exquisite accessories adorned by the lissom models complement the equally breathtaking gowns by a variety of designers, including the aforementioned two that accepted Rinaldy’s designs before his established success.

Rinaldy-for-Tatler_22Rinaldy-for-Tatler_07 Rinaldy-for-Tatler_08 Rinaldy-for-Tatler_09 Rinaldy-for-Tatler_10Rinaldy-for-Tatler_14Rinaldy-for-Tatler_11Rinaldy-for-Tatler_13Rinaldy-for-Tatler_21 Rinaldy-for-Tatler_19Rinaldy-for-Tatler_16Rinaldy-for-Tatler_18Rinaldy-for-Tatler_15Rinaldy-for-Tatler_20Rinaldy-for-Tatler_17Rinaldy-for-Tatler_23

Great Inspirations

Made of experimental materials—from smooth acrylics to solid metals, and to diaphanous feathers—all the headpiece and accessories collections by Rinaldy A. Yunardi featured here testify to his impeccable talent and ingenuity. A disparate cascade of white acrylic object in a haphazard contour, or a Mohican-inspired head ornament emulating a dinosaur’s jagged hump reflects the great variety that Rinaldy has managed to conjure through his sterling techniques and knowledge. Be inspired by the behemoth chandelier hat—a motley weave of black iron cage converging toward a starry pole. Or be amazed by the helical slinky red headpiece and bracelets exuding sophistication and glamour at the same time.

Photography : Indra Leonardi – The Leonardi
Jewellery designer : Rinaldy A. Yunardi
Make up : Willy Wahyudi

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