My Passion – Priscilla Myrna Personal Portrait

December 10, 2015



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“A flower does not think of competing with the flower next to it. It just blooms.”

We, at the Leonardi, do not just take photographs only for the sake of it. We believe a picture paints a thousand words, so it is in our interest to convey stories in our photos. One of our specialties is portraits, which are photos of a person. The process of photographing our subjects starts from getting to know who they are, which includes their personalities and what they do. Everyone has a story to tell, a past, and an experience that makes them who they are today. It’s these stories that compel us to make their portraits. In this particular photo set, we have the lovely Priscilla Myrna.

Priscilla Myrna is a freelance makeup artist, currently based in Jakarta-Indonesia. She had her training abroad both in the East and in the West, so she knows different face features. Her career actually began in the interior design industry, but transforming faces with make-up caught her interest, and it turns out she is amazing at it. She has an incredible portfolio under her belt including: AMICA, Cosmopolitan, CosmoGirl!, DEWI Magazine, ELLE, Esquire, Girlfriend, GRAZIA, Harper’s Bazaar, Indonesia Tatler, InStyle, L’Officiel, and Nylon. Specialising in fashion and corrective beauty makeup, now she works independently for weddings, fashion/beauty projects, and editorials.

In her photographs, we wanted to capture the essence of who Priscilla is: a beautiful and young lady who has an eye for creativity using human faces as her canvas. In the photos she seems in control of her life as a successful woman. Yet, there is serenity in her that exudes a lovely predisposition. It was a pleasure working with Priscilla, so it was an easy feat to make her portraits look stunning.

Photo by: Luke – The Leonardi
Location: The Leonardi Studio & Art Gallery

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