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January 29, 2016











It was an honor for everyone of us here at The Leonardi to have the opportunity to make portraits for the people in the wedding industry. Not only are these people the who’s-who of the industry who inspire and motivate us daily to keep going, they have also become good friends who we respect for being so passionate about serving their clients and doing the best at their jobs.

This project is for a feature in the 7th edition of Lightworks Magazine, wedding magazine run by a husband and wife by the name of Ruth and Danang. Danang is actually the one running Lightworks, an event lighting company. Ruth is actually a dentist who, on the sides, is helping her husband with the networking and publishing the Lightworks Magazine which aims to inspire couples to find the right wedding vendors. What started out as a favor to help him became something they passionately pursue together. They have discovered that they make a great team, not only in marriage, but also professionally.

Johan Kusnadi, from Lotus Decor, is a decorator who is always prepared. He considers good relationships and communication with clients important. “One of the most important things as a decorator is chemistry with the clients and the ability to transform a room,” he said.

Mimi Kwok is a well-known make-up artist in Indonesia. Due to her ability to make faces look flawless, fresh, and beautiful, she is the choice for many brides. She never pushes clients because she wants them to feel comfortable in their own skin.

Eddy Betty is a designer who is happy when women who wear his gowns are praised and awed. He gets his inspiration from beauty and perfection, which drive him to produce the best. His dream is to establish a fashion school.

Sugi, from Nab Classic, has been making wedding invitations for more than 15 years. Their trademark is the uniqueness of every invitation. They pay attention to the quality of the paper, precision, and technology to give the best.

Dave Hendrik has been entertaining audience for many years. What is his key in being a successful MC? “Stay originally current! Find the perfect balance of staying true to myself, but still flexible to improvise with the present world.”

Priscilla Myrna is a make-up artist not only for weddings but also fashion. She has worked with many well-known international magazines and models. She studies the clients’ faces well to get the perfect look because every face is unique.

Yefta Gunawan loved the arts since he was just a little boy. In 3rd grade he became interested in fashion. He is now known as a talented young designer whose works are beautiful, simple, and elegant. He loves the simple and classical look.

Started 13 years ago, Kenisha has built their reputation as a reliable wedding organizer. “We serve clients with all our hearts as if they were our own family. We always go the extra mile and are flexible with any sudden changes.”

Alexis is one of our own, a photographer at The Leonardi, who takes an interest in the people he shoots. For him, to produce great photos there are many elements which should be paid attention to such as lighting, composition, creativity, and an eye for detail; however, most of all the characteristic or personality of the people.

These are only some of our friends and there are still more inspiring people out there. Isn’t the wedding industry truly filled with wonderful people?

The Leonardi

Photographer: Alexis – The Leonardi
Make Up: Ike Riani Hartono
Stylist: Rajasa Pramesywara

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