Macau Prewedding Handy & Novita

October 24, 2013

A couple weeks ago we did pre-wedding photo shoot in Macau. And we have to say that Macau is an interesting city. It stands with a rich collection of buildings and structures of various architectural styles.  The buildings, the street, and the cultural heritage that found in Macau are mix between the modern and classic era.

Besides the buildings, the weather in Macau is really nice, in the early morning a bit cold and windy but warm in the afternoon. One of a thing that we like about Macau that we can find some trees in the street and it makes the atmosphere of the city very fresh and green.  And that’s the perfect combination for us to capture an elegant romantic couple and Macau’s panorama.

The beautiful Macau seemingly match to our lovely couple, Handy & Novita. We enjoyed every shoot with them since they are very nice and kind person. What a great place, a great couple, and a great romance love story to be unfold. Now, we shared to you their wonderful photos. Enjoy 🙂

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