Harbor of Love (Rama + Tantri)

August 5, 2013

We meet a lot of amazing couples, couples whose love stories have the ability to literally light up our world and our eyes. So a sweet engagement shoot like Rama & Tantri, this couple fills our heart with happiness. Pre-wedding session is one of the memorable and beautiful moment. Well, besides the fact that you lovelies are all so seriously adorable and pick some of the prettiest places around to snap up your pre-wedding shots? It’s the love. The love that literally bursts from every last image, every last moment and every last look that is shared.

And eventually, we just meet with someone who loves, someone who knows us better and respects each other. This is the harbor of love, when everything’s just ending in the right place, in the right time and to build the “home life” together.

Enjoy every last beautiful moment in this post. 🙂

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