Eliska Ratna – Gifted & Learned

July 13, 2013


Amazing pictures are well supported by many elements; The models and everything that they wear, clothes, makeup, accessories, expression. The lighting, the background and the decorations all together creating the desired ambience. The editing, all those digital imaging tools that artistically enhance the quality of the pictures and the most important is of course the photographer. There won’t be any pictures without the photographers that’s for sure.

Proudly present, ELISKA RATNA, our artist, the photographer of those beautiful artwork you just saw. Marvelous aren’t they?

She’s been in the photography business since 2000. Graduated from Royal Melbourne Institute of Technology in 2005. Been an associates of Indra Leonardi in The Leonardi since 2010 has given her many valuable knowledge and experiences, and yet clients. As you can see, she’s been working with many well-known medias to photograph many well-known public figures. She also does the wedding stassy, maternity, personal to corporate photography, and she nailed it!

Working with passion is something that you definitely have to be grateful for. “ Never waste a gift but never stop learning and digging for more knowledge, because skill is something you earn, not somethong you create “ Eliska said.

Wanna be on her camera? Call us and book the date 😉

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