Congratulation Rafi!

December 7, 2013



Rafi_02Rafi_04Rafi_05 Rafi_06Rafi_07 Rafi_08Rafi_08b Rafi_09Rafi_10bw Rafi_11Rafi_12Rafi_13r Rafi_14rRafi_15 Rafi_16 Rafi_17Rafi_18Rafi_19Rafi_20 Rafi_21Rafi_22aRafi_22 Rafi_23Rafi_24 Rafi_25 Rafi_26 Rafi_27

Photographer: Luke and Alex – The Leonardi

  1. Nin says:

    Thank you mas! Very nice pics! My son looks so handsome

  2. Indra says:

    Thanks… He is Good looking boy …

  3. olivia says:


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