All The Times We Shared – The Leonardi’s Top Prewedding Photos of 2013

March 27, 2014

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Another year has passed. We thankful to every moment that we had been throughout this year. Last year was really a fabulous year, many stories, many experiences were happening beautifully for us. We also thanked you for our clientele that put in trust in us to share their special moments and create the moments into the timeless pictures.

Last year, the couple brought us to several beautiful countries to did their photo shoot. First stop we went to Macau, a beautiful city with various architectural styles. Then, we continued our journey to London and Edenburg. The couple and the city matched perfectly. They were posing, dancing, and laughing and we were easily transformed their amazing stories into fabulous pictures.

The stories went on, we flew to Sydney, Moscow, France and other countries. Each client has their own story to tell. The important things are not just doing the photo shoot, but also when we had lunch together with our client and had some joke in car, get dressed quickly or danced in the crowd of the city and when the clients have had to be ready to shoot while they were feeling chilled in snowy day. If we take a look carefully, It is like the part of the scenes in the movie, right? These are some enjoyment of being a photographer.

This year, we believe that many exciting things will happen, greater journey, and we have prepared our company to escalate our capabilities in servicing and giving the best to our clients. And in the near time, we have set for our clients, our new art space and studio. Now, we share to you our photos in 2013. Please enjoy!

Photography by: Indra Leonardi & Eliska Ratna – The Leonardi

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