December 23, 2016


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Its Christmas time all over again. Its our last week of 2016, were at the edge of this magical month of December. If I could, I will describe the year of 2016 as the year of magic and this Christmas the Leonardi made all of my magical wishes come true.

When my phone rang and Indras voice was at the end of the line, the memories of us working together in Italy came back but instead of working as the stylist of the day, I got the full on privilege to dressed myself and to be photographed by the one and only Indra Leonardi.

It was as magical as it could be and I wont miss it for the world. I cant believe I was still on the hospital bed the day before, but its Christmas and anything is possible as long as you believe in it right?

I challenged myself and made up a story in my mind, as the queen in the dark forest, the Christmas fairy, the enchanted fairy God mother , the sophisticated modern lady and the full on high fashion Christmas daredevil. Together we created this fairytale, but thats what Indra and his team do all the time through out the year. They made all of your dreams came true and even better, they capture the moments for you too.

It was my greatest pleasure to be chosen as this years muse. I hope well create more magic together next year. Thank you for giving me the freedom to be as quirky as I could be and to the team. You guys are the best. I made one Christmas wish, my own fairytale and I hope you guys enjoy and could emerge in the world full of fantasy where you could be whoever you want to be. Merry berry Christmas from us to you, may you still believe in magic and may your hopes and dreams come true …


Photography : Luke The Leonardi & Indra Leonardi
Video Director : Bella Andini
Make Up : Meica Make Up
Dress : Hian Tjen & Yogie Pratama
Hair do : Riri
Headpiece : Rinaldy A. Yunardi
Decor : Nefi Decor
Muse : Cindy Karmoko


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