Happily Ever After – Wedding of Armand & Grace

February 11, 2016


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Weddings usually happen once in a lifetime for most people. It is essential that every moment is captured as a reminder of one of the most important phases in life. The photos are mementos which can be shared with many subsequent generations. Wedding photographs are not always about the people, but also other aspects of the wedding, which when compiled together create a story – just like the ones in books.

We love telling stories through photographs, and this time, we have a story about Armand and Grace.

In a narration, the beginning is when we learn about our characters. Since this is a wedding story, we started with the bride as she is being prepared for her special day. Her make-up is being put on while her bride gown is waiting. Other characters are introduced through a shot of the rainbow coloured bridesmaid dresses. We see Grace, the bride, feeling excited as she stands in between the two people who brought her into this world.

The next chapter is about the groom, Armand, whom we cannot have a wedding story without. He is being helped to get ready by his parents. His best men are looking dapper and all set to stand by his side. They are all happy and enjoying the moment.

Next we come to the climax of the story, the holy matrimony at church. The atmosphere is solemn and sacred as the two lovers are becoming one. They proudly show off their wedding rings on their fingers, symbolising their new status as husband and wife.

The story ends at the reception where friends and family celebrate Armand and Grace’s union. Everyone is having fun. The newly-weds are smiling and talking, perhaps discussing the amazing day they are having. Sometimes they are caught looking into each other’s eyes or kissing – there is definitely no doubt of their love.

The wedding is one mere chapter in their journey of forever and we wish Armand and Grace all the happiness forever has to offer.


The Leonardi

Photographer: Alex, Luke, Armand, Thomas
Make Up: Adi Adrian
Hair do: Arnold
Dress: Yefta Gunawan
Decor: Stupa Caspea & Flora Lines
MC: Harnold
Entertainment: Andrew Lee
Wedding Organizer: One Heart Wedding
Venue: Fairmont Hotel, Jakarta

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