About theleonardi

About Us Founded in July 1998 by Indra Leonardi, owner of Indonesia’s renowned King Foto Group, Leonardi specializes in capturing your best features and moments in photography and videography. At Leonardi, we strive to capture the emotions that define the moments. We look for those subtle expressions, the twinkle in the eyes, the subdued smile of pride, the little signs that encapsulate your feelings. Leonardi Portraiture Photographers Indra Leonardi and Eliska Ratna redefine portrait photography by delivering artworks that display the perfect expression, mood and personality of the subjects. They understand that the best portrait is one that captures the soul of the subjects therefore they strive to have a deep understanding of the characters and bring out the best angles. Both Indra and Eliska have worked with well-recognized figures in Indonesia and abroad, capturing their best features in timeless portraitures. Leonardi Lifestyle Established in 2000, Leonardi Lifestyle specializes in storytelling through photography and videography. We capture the unfolding of events in weddings, corporate gatherings, company profile and many more in a detailed and personal manner. From formal images to candid, natural moments, our highly trained and deeply passionate teams capture all. Leonardi Videography Our team of videographers is gifted with creative flair to easily recognize priceless moments and we provide you with all the essentials of an unforgettable footage. Equipped with the latest equipment, our team delivers emotional, natural and modern footages, giving you cinematic memories that are truly magical.